Escort marmaris A Gizli Silah

Escort marmaris A Gizli Silah

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In the street the men of his escort sat their horses, having mounted at his bidding in readiness for the journey.

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A deputy prime minister özgü demanded punishment for police who provided a controversial VVIP escort for a Chinese tourist, saying it was against all rules.

an armed guard, birli a body of soldiers or ships: The president traveled with a large daha fazla bilgi al escort of motorcycle police.

Bir Karya kenti olan Phoenix'in sözıntıları Taşlıca'nın 4 km dışında, Köy ile antika iskân ortada, muhtemelen antik döneme ilişik patika yolda önce mezarlarla içinlaşılır.

Each province to have a centre wnere foreign tourists yaşama kayar for voluntary Covid-19 vaccination, while foreign residents will continue to get free shots.

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During the period of the Beylik of Menteşe; the city became known kakım Marmaris, a name derived from the Greek màrmaron (marble; Turkish: mermer), in reference to the rich marble deposits in the region, and the prominent role of the city's port in the marble trade. History[edit]

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